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own it's particularly harmful for pregnant women. so e sethsd emit in the environment and in the clean indoor air is harmful. research is emerging and we're seeing the youth uptake where we see mixed results in terms of whether or not it helps people quit and it's not a harmless vapor. thanks >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm with the youth leadership institute we work with youth people throughout the city and e cigarettes came up as one of the issues that our youth cares about in the bayview and tenderloin etc. a few status tobacco companies actually control the vast majority of the e cigarette market. last year the city was vabld as a $2 billion industry and is growing. another fact there is a lot of marketing dollars into their product $201,220,800,000 and it's gone up draefk. the largest is owned by laura ladder and in he remembers of youth uptake there's been a doubling in the number of users in the last two years in 20114.6 tyrannies were using and it is definitely being market toward children and youth. i'm going to show you some adds. so like this is an ad that says it tast
been discussions about the joint agency that came along after the department of the environment i know we're working on the scheduling of that i asked for information back on items that we're going to discuss in in addition to that i asked for a report related to some projects out in the southeast sector and i'm eager to hear back on any outstanding items commissioners. hearing none - i'll go ahead and call for any public comment? >> you're having any public comment on item 23. >> yeah. other commission business. i'm sure you may have committed before i came into the room ems on monday there's a joint puc hearing about clean power sfusd and i'll encourage you to attend and i'll be supportive. i know this commission and mr. particular some of the commissioners have received some hash comments from advocates but i know that really we all want the same goal to get a large escape of new energy be it further resolved built rapidly in san francisco. and even though the san francisco public utilities commission staff are working telephone number on this we released on rfp last friday to pun
that with the help of the sustainability office and city partners and the sfpuc and environment we will be learning to explore ways to conserve more water, not only because it is scarce, but also because the it is right thing to do and i would like to personally thank the director for all of his work in helping to embed this in the curriculum. >> also i would like to send out a shout out to the civil rights academy who will be hosting the performance for students by the music group ten. ten began a program to provide tools through music and arts to help the youth encourage their potential and later today we will have the information about the african american student honor roll and i will not steal their thunder and emily is here and i believe that virginia marshal will share the information about that event, i also would like to send out a shout out to west portal elementary and the students 200 students will be celebrating the year of the horse by marching in the annual chinese parade in san francisco and the word has it that the superintendent will be making an appearance and what you may or may
and it was wonderful people and wonderful environment and i hope i had a chance to complete something for the city >> thank you very much for being here (clapping.) >> congratulations. >> thank you, congratulations. >> so next item on my reporter is the water report mr. rich i didn't. >> thank you, steve assistant general manager for water the slides is an update on our water situation looking forward. you know, the total reservoir storage is about a million arc feet but we are dealing with 3 hundred thousand is directly available for our hetch hetchy reservoir. we're working on another project to make more water available for drink. the precipitation is good 40 in february in terms of the precipitation but still just a drop in the bucket to where we would be at this point. again, i included the table of our assistant storage and the current storm in cherry lake is 2 hundred and accomplice acre and that's a significant amount of water. the two grafts you you've come to see and appreciate is first precipitation again, the red line is above 1976, 77 but been stable in the last few weeks we shoul
them feel that's their environment, "we help you, we believe in it." the project is paper and glue. the way people involve themselves in it is so much more. it's like community. it's people opening the windows, moving the roof. it gets deeper than that. you look at it. it's about the whole experience. more than the photo. the photo is amazing when you look at the hill covered. when you lead the process, it's life-changing. that is what took be to it. the people need to see the process, and for that they have to go through it. they really have to take the risk to get to know the people around them. life is not only on twitter and instagram. it's if you knock on the neighbour and ask something crazy, you might say yes. if you don't try, you think he's a loser and never know. >> do you know, what did the women take from that project? >> first you see it when you walk in the streets, the women have the dignity. eyes and look. they've been through the conflict and hold the family together. you have to be hungry. they carry so much intensity and strength and i did all the interview with
and environment you really see the need. we are hoping that what we have spear headed will be a catalyst for other ministries to parner with the school because the is a need for volunteers. on behalf of the [inaudible] we say thank you for honoring us. >> thank you. [inaudible] no cutting supervisor ye. i am going to our district 2 colleague supervisor mark ferrule >> thank you. i will speak with the church theme that supervisor co00 worked with. growing aup as a catholic in san francisco a large opart of my family life and was and continues to be with our local perish. we have great pastors and none butter than we have no it is a honor to bring up [inaudible] pastor at saint vincent de paul church. to give a bit background on sfauther ken, he grew up in washington dc. first saw san francisco as the merchant marines and a graduate in 74 where my father was also a graduate. he served 21 years in the naval reserve and after leaving the merchant hurenes [inaudible] ordained in nov 81. i think most stuny [inaudible] you were the first affric american to be ordained in the archdio
learning environment. she volunteers for the global [inaudible] which affords students the students to experience a summer abroad in developing countries. [inaudible] served 26 years in the u.s. army and required with honors in 2013. major munt gumry is a part of the liberation of kuwait and the iraqy war. she has plans to begin a business administration plan in 2015. she lived in several states and countries and as a traveller embrays change. her commitment of the country and communities serves as huge [inaudible] we work foointhrich lives of students outside the classroom we atrack a [inaudible] such as major price mont gumry. today we want to thank her for her work and hope you will continue for many years at lincoln high school >> thank you all. i would like to thank [inaudible] with only 6 months of adult teaching and living in san francisco i feel i have a lot oto do and am up to thatd challenge. i believe i'm only here because of the hard work of my students. i draw from thir energy. serving in the military has a level of distinction, but not until i walked into t
to have him in this environment. >> our hearts go out to them for the unimaginable trauma that they've been through. >> it was expecting change prior to today. the time that the investigation continues, we've added a position to help them go through a process. >> uc berkeley's chance put out a statement saying sexual assault has no place on a college campus or anywhere in civilized society. >> in berkeley, i'm john sasaki, channel 2 news. >>> tonight, a 25$25,000 award is being offered over the case of the poisonous meatballs. last summer, a dog died in a similar incident. the ceo of yelp contributed most of that reward money. >>> the video is remarkable. an armed gunman thrown to the ground during a convenience store heist in the bay area. we tracked that man down and it tell you why he's being called a hero. >> and not the kind of video justin bieber wants to be featured in. a look at the moments just after his arrest last month in miami and what police say this showed. he had countless photos. >> plus the beauty pageant queen talks about life turned upside down by a cyber stalker
equipment does not hold up to the harsh environment, which can represent the challenge. as john henry smith, one man is trying to eliminate one part of the challenge. >> i was watching a heartbreaking news story about children in war zones and it explained the six left therapy to bring them back to humanity was just to play. simple, unstructured play. >> that was all the inspiration tim janeghan needed. he knew there were programs sending soccer balls to communities, but he knew they didn't last long in the harsh playing field found in those communities. that's when he imagined a solution. >> to make a ball for the children that would not go flat. they could play and get the therapy. >> tim janeghan is a lyricist, who worked with a number of famous musicians, including siting. when he mentioned the idea to sting, he not only liked the idea, he offered to fund the research and design phase of developing the ball. >> let this be so successful that i can do for someone else what he did for me some day. it was, you know, i still get emotional when i think about it. >> 11 months, two tries lair,
are not usually arrested and jailed? >> no, we have seen it in very restrictive environments so the central asian stands in china for example, there's been a crack down in foreign reporters. so this is really a worrying signal they are also going to go after foreign reporters. and it is one of the ways of giving out news -. >> egypt is a country that has been very close to the united states in the recent past. no amount of jake carney today at the white house brief and talking about these reporters will make egypt it seems simply say okay, go and sin no more. >> i think egypt is a critically important country. your four are among four that have been -- it's really almost impossible to be the critical of the government now. egypt is the most important country. it is critical to pay more attention, egypt hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. i think in the last seven or eight months and it is at a critical juncture right now. for more open debate about a range of issues. >> from freedom house, and from amnesty international, thank you very much for being with us today. >> thank you so much. >> b
and the coast guard will assess the impact to the environment. 14 homes had to be evacuated initially. the stench of gasoline so strong it could give you headache -- give you a headache. the backup extended for miles. on the northbound side, the direction of the commute was sluggish for most of the morning. in santa clara county, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> for the first time in 20 years, new labels are coming to food packages. the nutrition facts being emphasized to help people make healthier decisions. >>> burnt piles of debris are all that's left after a fire ripped through a townhome. we'll tell you what's happened to the families displaced. $ [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? ♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get sta-green fertilizer now just $8 at lowe's. ♪ >>> attorney general air irk holder
, language barriers with new schools they result in uncomfortable learning environments for new comers. >> we understand that the board and superintendant are aware of difficulties that new comer students are facing. that's why they have the department that is actively engaged in helping immigrant families and offers the new comers language path way. it's a design to serve those that arrive english learner students a period of just many and orientation before entering the english plus pathway. [speaking foreign language] >> i think the new comer pathway is an excellent start. but there is no one size fits all. each new comer student will face their own unique learning obstacles. we recommend you employ more resources to provide one object one tutoring for students at school. we believe if sfusd provides 1-2 hours of individualized english tutoring for new comers, everyday at school, this will help their learning and increase and encourage them to speak english and help anxiety from learning. this helps them and otherwise they shuts them down. [speaking foreign language] >> new comers coming t
you, mr. richie. supervisor tang, any questions? okay. thank you. mr. rodriguez from the environment department. >> good afternoon. i want to spend some time to talk about education activities that our department takes in support to get around conservation to city san franciscans and water users and we play a role to sf puc and do many activities. one that i wanted to focus on our if i can is our school education program and working with san francisco unified and various schools in order to do that. also i have a quick powerpoint. if we can put the that up as i walk through the items. since 2001 our school education team has been involved in water education. thanks to the support from the san francisco public utilities commission. we have designed a program called save our bay which we target to 5th grade classes merely teaching about water pollution prevention and promote water conservation. today we given over 800 presentation to 5th graders reaching about 25,000 students here in san francisco. in addition the team has developed a variety of fact sheets about environmental topics i
with our environments. they know our school and teachers and community and students. here is the reason. more money is spent or professionals and other support staff will be needed to travel to new sites for all over districts. this place has physical therapy, occupational therapy, everything right there. that would be so hard for a parent to take the kids somewhere else. in conclusion, we want to strongly encourage that you do not tear apart our community. in addition we would be happy if you could epithe -- keep the i talk program. this is a developing class. they want to keep their friends in wheelchairs with communication devices there, thank you. [ applause ] >> next speaker please. >> yes, good evening, hello my name is maria sanchez. this is pedro martinez. he has cerebral palsy. and he works with the -- to communicate with people and do homework. i have a bunch of stuff here and i have a lot at my house. like he wrote my journal, today is monday. he talked about the weather. i have a letter from the teacher when he got it wrong, the wrong words. he said, i want to do it again.
grew up without a dad. the only difference was that his environment was more forgiving and his community never gave up on him. >>> oakland mayor was at the program today as well. >>> this is something we have never seen. this is hidden camera footage inside the supreme court. an advocacy group filmed it and posted it on youtube. this may not seem like a big deal, but the court famously forbids filming. no one is sure how a camera, probably a cell phone, got past security. >>> new rule that every driver needs to know about right now. you can use your smartphone while driving, but, not for everything. >>> tonight, a spying scandal that makes the nsa look harmless. introducing operation optic nerve. >> and before you buy another thing at the mall, you will want to see what julie watts discovered coming up next. 3 teenagers fell down a 30 clif >> chopper 5 caught this dramatic rescue from a san francisco beach today. three teenagers fell down a 30 will-foot cliff near china beach. a coast guard cutter got two of them to a ambulance, the third had to be taken by helicopter to the ho
short. the only difference is that i grew up in environment that was a little bit more forgiving so when i made a mistake the consequences were not as severe. >> security forces in venezuela that v been using to break up the student protests. meantime, the president has declared an early start to the week-long public holiday. it is an attempt to clearly end. we have more. >> there will be no carnival this year for protesters. earlier this week, he announced the carnival weekend would start two days early and the break many saw as an attempt to weaken. [speaking in native tongue] >> people are here to present. it would be disrespectful for those who have fallen and we are here to she that nothing will stop us. >> the dem strags in caracas started out peacefully. they ended once again in crashes amid a big crowd of tear gas. meanwhile, the supporters rallied on the other side of the capital and took the opportunity to attack their opponents. >> we're on the street for peace and happiness and lake those in the east of the city, there are from the wst, we're happy and peaceful. >> protests b
the problem. the environment and a quality of life in san francisco has been badly implicated over the last 5 years the city has transferred all kinds of expenses to us one you've put an application fee for the renewal of applications my derivative and house hadn't moved and my need for a red zone is not increased to safely get out of my garage. i don't see any forum to address those two minutes today is totally inadequate for anybody to give real >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> . (calling names) >> good morning, everyone. are i wanted to thank the procedure for the free muni pilot program folks who are struggling with the high cost of living in san francisco right now. i hope you get the opportunity to hear more about the budget analyst report that was released today but regardless of which number you look at it's clear this program benefits a reasonable cost and we hope you can extend it and make if permanent. one the limitation is it self-extend to 8-year-old students their all of a sudden hit with a high adult fair. we're hoping you will include 18 years old in your program. we
the environment while we're going to look at job opportunities and fund promises in the pipeline. some of the future includes barriers and they'll be discussed further but generally, you, see them from above. please not on the upper left-hand side this is the separation that was anticipated for the high speed rail and the 16th street there's been work from the tjpa pled on the analysis and the opportunity to remove that barrier in the future. some of the other barriers are the railway areas. the goals are simple they are to determine the best methods of the construction and coordinate the improvement 69 upper environmentalist and increase job growth needs and potential revenue sources. i want to state up front it's not to do work that's completed but to assess the continued validate and in moving on to understand and built the net infrastructure. to step back a bit there's been a lot of work completed in this area and no one, you know, is going to think otherwise we have the high speed rail and the caltrain and other plans that have been done throughout the see. i can will see see the
, international correspondents are not usually jailed. >> no, we've seen them in different environments around the world. in china there has been a crackdown on foreign reporters, and even in russia in this past year. but open countries it's less common. this is a worrying signal by egypt. they are going to go after foreign reporters. in this case it's one of the main areas to get out news and information. it's a particular concern to us. >> michael posener, what do you make of it? egypt has been a major recipient of american aid but no amount of jay carney today at the white house briefing talking about these reporters is going to make egypt simply say, okay, fellas, go and sin no more. >> yeah, i think egypt is a critically important country at a have dangerous moment right now. it's not just your four journalists among dozens that have been arrested and are being held. civil society, human rights activists, it's almost impossible to be critical of the government now even on things how they drafted the constitution without coming under the government's wrath. egypt is the most important coun
vested interest. at the same tone he needs to understand the environment he's moving into and the neighborhood he's moving into and needs to accept the decision you made that is you must be a good neighbor and treat your neighbors in a way that is not going to perhaps affect their ability to survive. that's what this is all at stake. for that i thank you for taking efforts to make sure the marsh doesn't thrive and survive. i think we can coexist. thank you for allowing that. >>> good evening, my name is joy and i'm speaking on behalf of the housing association. i'm asking you to comply with the last hearing. the last california code 56689.5 is inapplicable. i read the law. it's unapplicable on numerous ground because of the process not having been completed. the board of appeals has made it's findings base on substantial evidence and there is well grounded on the planning of the city and the mixed use for special stores. it's a restaurant and i would tad developer really has though challenge. i support a building with four floors and mae 10 units and i also support
reasons one formula retail fill different inches in the retail environment and two the c u controls may not be that meaningful since few complete the threshold. this table is designed to illustrate the mix of retailers. in commercial districts with formula retails in place the most common types of stores a pharmacy stores and apparel and assessor stores and other grocery stores. it includes pet stores and others to name a few. the most common types of the specialize retail stores are grocery stores. those are the prevalence of the pharmacies requesting the many cities lcd. the apparel stores are the majority of the retail. are apparel stores are the most common stores of independence followed by independence stores. this is the formula stores by location. 28 percent of formula retailers are hautd in california with half in san francisco. notable commercial district with the controls are for distinctlyly owned franchises than districts without controls. this chart shows formula retail stores by corporate owners. this is associated with companies that have more than 10 thousand 45 brandis
in a challenging and changing environment requires us to prioritiertize and make difficult choices. >> secretary of defense, chuck hagel announced this week, a new five year budget for the pent began that could reshape the armed forces. one, army cuts. the u.s. army is already scheduled to drop from today's active duty force of 5 hundred 22,000 troops to 492,000 next year. serve secretary--secretary hagel wants to bring the total to 440,000 troops by the year 2019, six years from now. it will be the smallest sized u.s. army in 75 years, which brings us back to before world war i i. here is secretary hagel on why. >> we are no longer sizing the force. >> that is called army speak. you figure out it. two, marine corp. cuts to 182,000. three, army national guard cuts from # 3-0 hundred 55,000 to- -from 355,000 to 335,000. four,s special operations up from 66,000 today to 66,000 because the forces are uniquely suited for the most likely missions of the future. five, the loser, the a10 wart hog tank killer plane. cold war era spy plain, retired. drone, unmanned aircraft, they are hot. four, six, mili
the environment and contribute to global warming. >> our coverage of this winter storm is just getting started. rain, ice, snow. who gets what and when? >> plus, the butter cold that's coming in behind the snow. why the snow that we get tomorrow isn't going anywhere mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >>> a man who was shot at the green line this morning was grazed while walking out of the station this morning. he walked out of the hospital and refused to speak to police. and no arrests have been made. >>> tonight show host jimmy fallon is a man of his word. this morning he anxioused the challenge of chicago mayor rahm emanuel and jumped into icy lake michigan. are you kidding me? he wore his suit
stepped in. >> this is a way of ensuring a warm, welcoming environment judgment-free, so that families can come and relax and have a good time and not worry about how the person on the spectrum is going to behave or what other people might think. >> reporter: lisa is director of accessibility programs of the theater development fund. the nonprofit organization coordinates performances like these four times a year. the mission is to make live theater more accessible to diverse audiences. here are some of the things you'll see at an autism friendly show that you wouldn't see on broadway otherwise. ushers have about 30 extra helpers on hand. they hand out colorful stress relievers called manipulative to help autistic audience members to relax before and during the performance. they make the autism friendly shows as close to the regular shows as possible. audio levels are reduced by about 20% and strobe lights are completely eliminated. yet organizers say it's what's happening offer stage that truly makes this broadway performance unique. the usually empty lobbies are transformed into spaces f
outside of high school. jump-starting their career. >> there is no better environment to do it than on a community college camp news and study epbts under 21 years old say a lower sampling age would allow them to achieve a higher under standing of wine -- students under 21 years old say a lower sampling age would allow them to achieve a higher understanding of the wine. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5. >> the bill is nick named sip and spit. they would not be able to swallow the wine. >>> the police are ramping up their police efforts for 93- year-old man who has been missing since wednesday. rob either davis was last seen driving away from marine joe's restaurant. he was heading towards northbound 101. and today, the police and volunteers put up flyers at businesses around downtown san rafael. dave sis 5 '7, 139 pounds with gray hair and gray eyes. the police say he has medical conditions and takes medications but overall in good health. >> there may be concerns about short term memory loss or he could have been confused with the weather. it was raining on wednesday night and raini
in a safe environment. more than a change in government, we want a true change in the country. we don't want to live in other countries, we want to change venezuela. >> tens of thousands of opposition supporters rallied across the capital in a large display of unrest. sunday's march through the capital was overwhelmingly peaceful. later hundreds engaged in standoffs with the police. it did not reach levels of violence seen at other protests. >> president nicolas maduro cracked down hard at the protest. there has been fatalities and dozens injured and arrested. the governments have been holding peace talks. the opposition and many gaoled. >> this is the annual carnival weekend. under different circumstances most of the people protesting will be sitting on the beach. they can't celebrate when many have been killed or taken prisoner. >> nicolas maduro gave people two extra days off for carnival. so far it has not worked. people have brought the beach to the protest. . >> translation: the people are calling for deep political change and it doesn't get that venezuela woke up. it's demanding human
the current situation. given the environment, obviously this is having a serious effect here in ukraine. we have heard in late-breaking news or in late evening news that the ukrainians are so concerned about this that they're moving security forces up to the border in areas in the north and the east of the country, not in crimea, so clearly, the ukrainians are very afraid about a larger conflict with russia, not just crimea. >> i was fascinated because i hear these people in the crimean region speaking to our reporters. you're fluent in russian. these people who are speaking in crimea are speaking in russian versus those in kiev speaking ukrainian. >> absolutely right. i mean, there are long standing relationships between russia and ukraine. there's a sense of pride in this part of the country, signs are not in russian, they're in ukrainian, a different letter alphabet. certainly in crimea, predominantly they do speak russian. language is a big issue and it's been made a big issue by the russians themselves, because there's been a plan to make ukrainian the official language and push russia
it's imitate in its environment and cycle circle by mature trees it has two large lawn areas for entrances at each correspond for small children's backgrounds. about 0 thirty years ago a group of community members and burns 0 got together and the groups purpose is to sturdy the park. the group approached the recreation and parks department in 2012 to enter into a private-public 16 implement a renovation of the south park. the group joined the improvement association joined up 80 with the park alliance and embarked on a community process in which they developed a master plan. following the 2012 park bond and the designation of the if you happened to south park the staff from the capital division including myself joined the project and implemented a community planning process deputy a conceptual plan for the renovation of south park. i have my colleague here to talk about the park and walk you through the other item your bagging being asked to approve today and a david. >> i'm sure everybody is familiar with the park itself. those are imagines the new configuration of the park
of the political environment. they are not becoming friends with the u.s., but they do want to reach a deal with them. >> tell us more about that political and by amendment. organizations must take into account what politicians are saying to their own populations. on the domestic political landscape. the situation in iran, does it allow for a deal at the moment? >> in the sense that this majorityrepresents a of the support of the population. what is at stake are the radical conservatives who are against the deal. they are still very powerful in some editions of parliament and other institutions. they are trying to do anything that they can to stop this policy. thethe supreme leader, for time being, wants to go on negotiating with the u.s.. >> broadly we know what a permanent deal might look like. iran would increase enrichment to a certain level. right now they are enriching uranium at five percent rather than 20%. in exchange for lifting economic sanctions. as a researcher and specialist on this issue, what is the nitty-gritty that you are looking for? what is the sticking point? >> in a s
the rose calls out that as being important and bringing nature into the environment throughout our streetscapes and i'm happy to answer any questions been native and non-native and i think that's it. oh, the goals about diversity objective tackle closely to the sustainability plan this is most important >> thank you. >> anyone else who wants to make public comment is closed seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners that was discussion only >> nevertheless to say, congratulations to all who have moved this forward arrest we're on item 13 conservation matters. >> commissioners director of operation. i have a concern about the drought situation this is a presentation i made last week when i loaded it into the laptop it went someplace else. what we have the - phil issued a general managers disc to you'll staff which covered this and the governor issued the drought integer and we also got a staff modem to the garden staff on water conversation and phil followed that by the end of january and as you read in the newspapers the mayor issued a distributive for everyone to fol
scheduled months ago. but obviously given the environment, nobody is confidentably looking at that. we know the ukrainian -- comfortably looking at that. border line in that area where the war games are going, the north and the east of the country, and it indicates, del, that there is a real concern here in kiev that this may spread beyond crimea, that there may be designs on ukraine itself. del. >> and phil it must be an uneasy evening in kiev. just a few days ago they were celebrating what they believe was a new government. what is happening there right now? >> well, you're absolutely right. the anxiety levels in ceefn are huge. the people are back on the streets in maidan. they are very concerned about what the russians may be doing. we know that they are making pleas to the international community. the international community is responding at least in terms of bolstering morale. the british foreign secretary was here today, and he said that russia must respect ukraine's territorial integrity. we know that secretary of state kerry will be coming here for very much the same reason, to giv
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